How it works

Download the SUST browser extension and visit any of the fashion websites where the SUST extension works.

Look for coloured buttons in the shape of the SUST logo that appear on the product images. Click on one. You’ll see a popup with:

  • Traffic-light information about the brand:
    • Red = avoid
    • Amber = think twice
    • Green = has something going for it
  • Pre-loved alternatives. Just edit the search terms as you wish and click on a platform button
  • The ability to customise your selection of platforms and default search terms


We use two open sources of information to guide you when considering brands:

  1. Fashion Revolution‘s Fashion Transparency Index assigns a score of 0 (worst) to 10 according to how much fashion brands disclose about their practices and governance
  2. The Clean Clothes Campaign assigns a Living Wages Paid Score to fashion brands from E (worst) to A according to information about their workers’ pay

We apply a simple weighting to create a combined score of 0-10, and colour-code it so that 0-3 is red, 4-6 is amber, and 7-10 is green. Where information is missing, you will see grey instead of a traffic-light colour.

For now, we recommend you take this score with a considerable pinch of salt; use it only to compare products from two brands as you browse.

Constantly improving

SUST is committed to bringing you the best information available from a variety of sources. As brands and reliable third parties provide more information publicly, we will make it easily available to you through the SUST buttons and popups.