About SUST

Love fashion but find it hard to make sustainable and affordable choices? We hear you.

SUST helps you take practical action to make a more sustainable world – and save money. SUST provides support for consumers and brands in choosing pre-loved clothes over new, and guidance when you have to buy new.



SUST is the result of research and development by matter II media and the University of Bristol, funded by matter II media and the Brigstow Institute. We set out to transform online shopping by helping consumers and brands who care about sustainability.



It’s OK to be confused

Sounds simple? We freely admit that it’s not, really. You can’t always find what you need pre-loved. Good data about the sustainability of clothes and their origins is hard to come by. There are many grey areas.

It’s OK to be confused. It’s OK to feel guilty when we’re not always sure we’re doing the right thing (whatever that is).

What we can do is our best, which is a lot better than doing nothing at all.